Topic: Editing your blog

How do I add a new location and entry?

First go to your blog interface "Edit your blog". In the upper left corner you see a navigation bar containing your locations. On the very bottom of this list there is a button "Add new Entry". Click on this button to add a new entry. Note: this only works when you are logged in.

How can I upload a picture?

When you are adding a new entry or location, you should see a dark blue button in the right window that says "Show Picture Uploader" Click on this button to toggle the uploader. If you use a modern browser you should be able to drag and drop photos onto the uploader from a folder on your computer in order to start the upload. If your browser is not supported a fallback uploader using the Adobe flash plugin is provided.

Uploading pictures does not work, what can I do?

First make sure you use a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or the latest version of Internet Exporer, which should be supported soon, too. When you use a slow computer, for example a Netbook, try not to upload many images at the same time, as this might slow down your computer and make the upload fail. If you still get an error, please contact us and we try to fix the issue.

In the mean time you can just use any other image sharing site of your preference to upload an image and then use it in your blog. To add it to your blog use [img]http://urltoImage.jpg[/img].

How do I embed my uploaded picture into the text?

Once your photo finished uploading you can either drag and drop it into the text on the right, when your browser supports drag and drop or copy the code that is displayed on image and past it into the text. The image code looks similar to this: [img]test_519cd70e862654.82497586-.JPG[/img]
If you ever want to add an old photo that you uploaded earlier, you can go to your "Manage your photos" page and copy the image code from there and paste it into the text in your blog editor.

How can I save my new entry?

When you finished editing your text and added all the photos you wanted to add, click on "Save Entry". Make sure you have chosen a new location on the map before you click Save

Can I use html code in my text?

No, HTML is not allowed in your text, however you can use [b]to make your text bold[/b] or use[u]to underline some text[/u]
If you want to add an image from a different internet resource just use [img]http://urltoimage[/img]

How do I set or change the date of my entry?

When you are creating a new entry, click on the date, which is next to the heading and subheading, to open a dialog to choose the date. When you want to change the date for an existing entry, click on "edit" first and then do the same as you would when you created a new entry.

How do I change my profile picture?

To change your profile picture, go to your settings page (Click on your name in the top navigation bar and choose settings). There you find the option to upload a new profile picture. In order to do so you have to click on your current picture to select a file from your computer, then once you selected an image click on "Upload"

I cannot delete the first location from the map?

You can only edit the first location on the map but cannot delete it, if it is the only one on the map. So if you want to get rid of the first location, just add another place to your map, so that there are at least two locations tagged on your map. Then you should be able to delete the first one.

Topic: Premium Account

Why should I sign up for a premium account?

If you want to use your blog without limitations you should check out this page for a more detailed description "Go Premium"

How do I cancel my subscription?

For now, as we are still a very small business, just email the support via and we will take care of your request.

What payment methods can I use?

You can use your credit card, Visa or Master Card, as well as your paypal account to pay for a premium account.

Topic: General

Why can't I login?

If you get the message that you use a wrong username password combination, then you should double check your username and password. Also check if you accidentally pressed your caps lock key. Instead of using your username to log in you can also try using your email address.

If you get the message that your email has not been confirmed yet you should check your inbox first and click on the activation link in your email.

I did not recieve an activation email?

Sometimes it can take up to several hours for your activation mail to be delivered, but normally you should recieve it in seconds. When you cannot find it in your inbox, you should also check your spam folder. If you really cannot get it to work, contact the support.

I would like to use isTraveling in another language, which ones do you support so far?

Unfortunately at the moment we only support English and soon will be adding a German translation, as we are working hard to get the site ready for a broader user spectrum we wanna add further languages soon. If you speak another language that you wanna add you can always help us translate, just email the support ;)

I found something on this site is not working properly, what can I do?

As this site is still a beta version, there might be some bugs that cause errors sometime. If you should encounter an error, we would be very happy if you tell us, so we can fix it. To notify us about an error just email the support via .

Your question did not get answered here?

Just write an email to and we will try to solve your problem.